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Creating one-of-a-kind software for corporate customers is a cornerstone of our expertise.

Learn how Touchcore can build a custom ERP solution for your business

When it comes to creating valuable ERP systems, Touchcore takes care of it all-drafting solution architecture, creating detailed requirements, implementation and deployment and maintenance and support.

How we do it

Getting Started with Requirements

We’ll start by learning about all of your business requirements, including current and future goals and challenges. This vital first step ensures that we know exactly what you want and need from design to deployment.

Designing the Solution

Building Touchcore ERP systems involves aligning a lot of moving parts, like integrating with existing platforms, migrating data, building infrastructure, and ensuring business continuity. That’s why we create a comprehensive design plan for each customer’s unique business needs.

Developing the Solution

Once the requirements and design plan are a go, Touchcore starts building the ERP system.

Deploying the Solution

After we’ve built the solution, Touchcore takes care of seamlessly integrating it with existing business processes, migrating data, and educating employees. Our support team is always available before, during, and after the solution is deployed.

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Our goal then and now is to help clients streamline their processes in order to meet their challenges.



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